Jay Hinton BacPath 13: Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Pathogens Conference 2015

Jay Hinton

Jay Hinton is based at the Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool. Jay’s interest in the way that bacterial pathogens cause disease in humans led him to work on Salmonella. He discovered that the H-NS protein is responsible for silencing gene expression in bacteria, and pioneered an approach that revealed a "snapshot" of bacterial gene expression during the process of infection of mammalian cells. Recently, Jay has focused on the role played by small RNA molecules in the regulation of infection of mammalian cells by Salmonella. The use of RNA-seq to visualise gene expression is now bringing exciting insights into the infection biology of a novel variant of Salmonella Typhimurium (ST313) that causes high levels of mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa. The underlying theme of current research is to understand the intricate interplay of gene expression that leads to bacterial infection, to pave the way for new antibiotics and vaccines.

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