Jacqueline E. Heath BacPath 13: Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Pathogens Conference 2015

Jacqueline E. Heath

Miss Jacqueline Heath has completed a Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Melbourne (2009) followed by an Honours year project at the Oral Health CRC, Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne (2010) investigating the role of a molecular motif in gingipain complex formation in Porphyromonas gingivalis. In 2011 she presented her work at the IADR ANZ Division 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting where she won the IADR Colgate-Palmolive Award in Dental Research (Junior Division) and the opportunity to attend and present at the IADR General Session and Exhibition in Brazil in 2012. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Oral Health CRC characterising a component of the P. gingivalis protein secretion system required for export of virulence factors. Jacqueline has recently presented her work at the Australian Society for Microbiology 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition and received the Student Poster Award.

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